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The Program

Day One: 27 July



Jill Bennett

Professor and Director, NIEA, UNSW

Curating space: new models of collaboration…towards a new cultural ecology


Problems and Responses

Tony Fry

Professor, Griffith University; Director of Team D/E/S; founder of the EcoDesign Foundation

Designing for the future; “sustainment”, design as problem defining/problem solving, why we need artists and creative thinkers to address environmental problems.

Morning Tea: 11.00am - 11:45

Projects: Transforming Data/Diagnostics into Art/Action

Natalie Jeremijenko

Associate Professor, Artist and Engineer, Environmental Health Clinic, New York University

Pre-recorded presentation

Bruce Taper

Life Cycle Analyst, Kinesis

Investigating and evaluating the environmental impacts of products and activities.

Mathieu Gallois

Artist and Architect

Repurposing McMansion's for sustainable living

Lunch: 12:30pm - 1:45pm

Transforming Urban Spaces

Hou Hanru

Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs, San Francisco Art Institute

Transforming local urban environments through curatorial initiatives. Hanru’s projects include the Istanbul, Lyon and Venice Biennales, and Cities on the Move.


Sustainable Sydney 2030: Part 1

How do artists, designers and curators envisage and meet the challenges of the City of Sydney’s 2030 Vision? How might creative thinking and practice deliver sustainable solutions to “create a better Sydney”? How do we address areas beyond the traditional creative hubs, such as those of South Sydney (e.g. Green Square, Waterloo, Redfern and Alexandria Canal)?

Shivaun Weybury

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Lecturer (NIEA, UNSW)

Tessa Zettel and Karl Khoe

Artists/Designers (Makeshift)

Afternoon Tea: 3:30pm - 4:00pm

Sustainable Sydney 2030: Part 2

The Connected City: Urban Informatics and The Use of Technology in the Public Sphere

Dan Hill

Designer and Urbanist, Arup

Mark Pesce

Writer, Lecturer and Founder, FutureSt Consulting


Embracing the mess

Dave Gravina

Principal and Creative Director, Digital Eskimo

Designers need to step out of their studios, get their hands dirty and co-create with their local communities if we are to effect real change in our urban landscapes.

Project Launch Party: 6:00pm

Day Two: 28 July


Design Innovation

Bruce Mau

Pioneer of ‘design thinking’ and design for change, Author and Chairman/Founder, Bruce Mau Design (live from Chicago)

Skype discussion with Bruce Mau led by Kate Rhodes (Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design) and Stephen Goddard (Independent graphic and exhibition designer) focussing on path-breaking projects for transforming cities/countries, including Massive Change (Toronto) and ¡Guatemala!.

Morning Tea: 10:30am - 11:00am

Resources and Future Design

Adrian Parr

Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art

To be or not to be... thirsty - The Art and Politics of Water: considering the world's looming water crisis, design alternatives and political strategies for equitable distribution.


Projects: Resources and the Public Domain

Allan Giddy

Artist and Lecturer, Environmental Research in Art Initiative, COFA

Wind turbine, energy-efficient public art for Sydney

(A tour of the SOLARCH facility will be possible after the HotHouse symposium.)

Janet Laurence

Public environmental artist

Water and site specificity

Jodi Newcombe

Founder, Carbon Arts

David Trubridge


Cultural design and human resources

Lunch: 12:45pm - 1:45pm

Curating Public Art in City Spaces

Jennifer Turpin

Artist, Jennifer Turpin Studio


Towards a New Cultural Ecology

Michaela Crimmin

Independent Curator, London, specialising in art for the public domain

Engaging local communities and sustainable curating beyond the gallery context

Douglas Kahn

Professor of Media and Innovation, NIEA, UNSW

Afternoon Tea: 3:30pm - 4:00pm

Panel: Summary and Concluding Discussion

Michaela Crimmin

Independent Curator, London

Felicity Fenner

Chief Curator, NIEA, UNSW

Richard Goodwin

Professor, Porosity Studio, COFA, UNSW

Bridget Smyth

Director Design, City of Sydney

And others...