Tony Fry

Professor, Griffith University Queensland College of Art, leading the Design Futures Program, a Director of Team D/E/S he was also founder of the EcoDesign Foundation. Tony Fry acted as a consultant on sustainable design for clients such as BHP Steel, Toyota Australia, Gregory Industries, Future Generations consortium, NSW Public Works, Department of Urban Affairs and Planning (NSW), Department of Housing (NSW), Commonwealth Environment Protection Agency and the Institution of Engineers Australia.

Fry works across many design disciplines—architectural, industrial, information design, planning and engineering. He has taught design and cultural theory in Britain, the United States, Hong Kong and Australia and holds a PhD in Cultural Studies in Design from the University of Birmingham. He was a consultant on sustainable design to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Fry has an impressive publication record including the recent Design Futuring—Sustainability, Ethics and New Practice. In it, he argues that responding to ethical, political, social and ecological concerns now requires a new type of practice, one that recognizes design’s importance in overcoming a world made unsustainable. His latest book Design as Politics will be published in November.

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