Bruce Taper (Kinesis)

Bruce Taper and Nick Rowley established Kinesis in 2007 with the primary aim of reducing carbon emissions. Bruce’s expertise lies in developing mechanisms to manage sustainability issues for both public and private sector entities and providing specialist advice firmly grounded in his experience of policy development and implementation. Recognised nationally for his work on climate-related issues, Bruce is renowned for the magnitude of analysis he applies to all projects and his capacity to utilise emerging technologies to deliver smart, equitable and enabling solutions.

From 2000 to 2006, Bruce was Director Sustainability for the NSW Department of Planning. Prior to that Bruce worked as a sustainability practitioner in local government, establishing Kogarah Council as a leader in urban renewal and environmental management. Bruce won the Planning Institute of Australia’s 2005 National Award for Planning Excellence in the category of Urban Planning Achievement. Before dedicating his professional career to sustainability, Bruce spent a decade in the energy sector, starting as an apprentice electrician and graduating to designing and building substations.

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