Jodi Newcombe (Carbon Arts)

Jodi Newcombe is an environmental economist and the Head of States and Regions Program, Australia, at The Climate Group where she develops and implements strategies to engage business and government leaders on climate change.  Newcombe is also the founder of Carbon Arts, a non-profit arts organisation working to facilitate an increased role for artists and creativity in generating awareness and action on climate change.

A key aim of Carbon Arts is open conversation between the arts, economics, science, and technology. It is through this diversity and openness of dialogue between disciplines that Carbon Arts aims to progress the role of the arts in the greater climate change agenda. Newcombe has previously worked as consultant with the environmental economics consultancy eftec, providing targeted research and analysis to the UK Government, the UK Water Industry, the European Commission and the European Environment Agency. She has also served as research fellow for the Institute of European Environmental Policy in London and the University College London's Centre for Economic and Social Research on the Global Environment.

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