David Gravina

David Gravina is the Principal and Creative Director at Digital Eskimo, the design consultancy he founded which applies the transformational power of design and technology to issues of social, environmental and business change. He has spent fifteen years in the design and digital media industries, building a career and portfolio that are notable for their balanced contributions to both the commercial and social domains.

He is a founding member of greenUps,  Sydney's coolest regular sustainability networking event, the creator and a co-director of the Live Local Foundation, which inspires people to improve and reconnect with their community and was a co-founder and design strategist of the successful Raise the Bar campaign which modernised NSW's liquor laws in 2007.  Other credits include award winning projects for Amnesty International, the ACTU's Your Rights at Work online campaign and projects for some of Australia's best known brands including the Australian Conservation Foundation, BigPond, UNSW, UTS, Sydney Symphony, WWF and many more.

As a true believer in the power of creativity and the arts to challenge and ultimately change society he is a passionate supporter of the HotHouse project and its aspirations. To this end David and his collaborators at Digital Eskimo (Diana Mounter, Nathan McGinness, Scott Nolan,  Ozan Onay, Jeremy Epstein and Duncan Underwood)  have conceptualised, designed and built (in collaboration with artist Chris Fox) a digital drawing tool prototype being debuted in the Hot House Symposium Urban Sketch Lab.

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