Dan Hill

Dan Hill is a designer and urbanist. He is currently a senior consultant for the multinational design consultancy Arup, where he is research leader for the Sydney office as well as being a member of Arup’s global Foresight + Innovation team. For Arup, Dan is exploring the possibilities of urban informatics from a creative, design-led perspective, re-thinking how real-time information networks change streets and cities, neighbourhoods and organisations, mobility and work, play and public space. He works on major urban development projects worldwide, as well as for a variety of clients in Australia, ranging from the cultural sector to transportation infrastructure.

Dan was formerly the chief architect for the redesign of the BBC’s web presence. He also co-founded the global media product Monocle, and is one of the organisers of the acclaimed architecture and urbanism event Postopolis!, running in New York and Los Angeles so far. Dan also authors City of Sound, generally thought of as one of the leading architecture and urbanism websites, as well as regularly writing for architecture and design press worldwide.

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